Be Organic

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Products That Show You Care.

Be Organic, a product line developed by Adams and associates, follows the philosophy of Zero Waste that encourages the redesign of resource life cycles, where all product materials are recycled, reused and/or biodegradable. At this point, some of the products are sewn at the Imagine Bali Community Center by members of Cahaya Mutiara and marketed in local shops throughout Bali. The goal is an island wide distribution network by 2020. Be Organic follows these principles in product development: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. Zero waste, Condensing, Simple living, Ethical consumerism and Product stewardship.

The Unforgettable Multi use Be Organic Bag is a premier Be Organic product: a reusable and durable silk nylon bag made from recycled factory remnants and off cuts, a colorful bag that stuffs into a built-in pouch, easily fits into a pocket or purse and when unstuffed converts into an over sized shopping bag with easy carry handles, or becomes a decorative cover for large water dispenser bottles.   Be Organic has a goal to give away 3 million bags with its new and redefining profit-for-all model.  The point of sale instruction reads: “Buy one bag and get one bag for free, but please give your free bag to a Balinese.”

With the amount of tourists on the island, Imagine Bali hopes the Be Organic bag will become the gift of choice and a way to TIP (Thanking Important People) who have made your stay in Bali our Island of the
Gods and Goddesses a memorable one.